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Made-To-Order, Fully Tested $3,795  

Frequently Asked Questions - Please make sure to read the Operations Manual


Q  What type of home remodeling is necessary to use the ShowerMate™?

A  No remodeling needed. This is a key design feature of the ShowerMate™.


Q  What is involved to install a ShowerMate™?

A  Simply remove your showerhead. The fitting provided will attach to the standard ½’ MPT shower arm.


Q  Will the ShowerMate™ fit in a standard bathtub?

A  Yes, it is only 18” wide.


Q  Is the ShowerMate™ suitable for a person with Dementia?

A  Unfortunately, no.


Q  Is the ShowerMate™ portable?

A  Yes, the ShowerMate™ weighs approximately 70 pounds.


Q  Does the ShowerMate™ use standard body wash?

A  Yes, you want to use liquid type, not a paste product. You can also now purchase combination shampoo/body wash products.

As stated in the Operations Manual it is always a good idea to put a splash of warm water from your wand into the soap reservoir every time it is filled.


Q  What is the user weight limit of the ShowerMate™?

A  The user weight limit of the ShowerMate™ is 250 pounds.


Q Will Medicare or Medicaid cover my ShowerMate™?

A  Unfortunately, no.  


Q  Can the ShowerMate™ be used in a commercial application?

A  No, the ShowerMate™ is intended for residential use only.


Q  How do I order my ShowerMate™?

A  Please contact us.